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When It Comes To Your Home Comfort System, There’s More To The Story
You might say the coil is the other, less visible part of your system. While a coil may be a component that you’re not very familiar with, it’s just as important to your home’s comfort as your air conditioner.

We Can Help You Make A Perfect Match
A matched system gives you maximum performance and efficiency. When you install a new air conditioner, we can help you select the right coil to go with it. Remember, your outdoor condensing unit and your indoor coil work together as a team – a new air conditioner’s efficiency will be significantly reduced if it’s paired with an old, existing coil. And, an older coil may even differ in cooling capacity, leaving you with an unbalanced system and higher than necessary utility bills.

Why a Clean Coil Makes a Difference
Why A Clean Coil Makes A Difference
It’s not a pretty sight, but unfortunately it’s fairly common. If your home’s indoor coil has never been cleaned, chances are it could look like this. One of the reasons is that many older coils are difficult to access, so they’re harder to clean. Our coils have been designed with a three-piece door design so they’re easy to access for both servicing and cleaning. As you can imagine, a clean coil is a more efficient coil. It’s also better for your home’s indoor air quality.

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Customer Reviews

Just a quick letter back to you. We are very very SATISFIED with the new Furnace/AC unit that you guys installed in June. I waited a little bit to see how things would work out with the new system, and it’s working fine. You have made me a believer of Trane Systems and J&S Air!!! Please give our name as a reference. The service that you guys did on our existing downstairs unit is appreciated too. It works even better now. Thank you again for being a very honest reputable company to deal with. - David

They’re the best! Their comfort consultant provided me with the information I needed to make my decision to chose their company and a Trane HVAC system. Their installers were very considerate and hard-working guys. I was contacted twice after the installation for follow-up and then after city inspection. I feel I received the best value and service for my dollar with J & S Air. I am very happy with my choice. Mike in Arlington

I worked with J & S Air last year. They are the only A/C company that has integrity and is honest in explaining exactly what your house needs. I interviewed other companies in which each cone tried to upsell me on units that I did not need. This is why I bought 3 new units for my new house which makes 5 i n the last year. My friend just put in 2 new units last week and the main reason is the comfort consultant explained everything corretly and sold them what their needs were.